July 2018 Cryptocurrency Thread

Author : Tipestry   1 month ago   btc 7.0E-6 

The other one is fake!

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0 FullyAutomatedLuxuryUsername 1 month ago

Right now there are five coins in the top 100 under $100M market cap.

0 Tipestry 1 month ago

That's an interesting way to tell at a glance the state of the market.

1 Pepe 1 month ago

Maybe someday an economist will coin a term for that number, like Pepe's Ratio.

As in, right now Pepe's Ratio is 0.05.

0 Sean 1 month ago

Pepe's Ratio rose to 0.06 today.

0 EternityChicken 1 month ago

Pepe's Ratio is over 0.14 today, ouch.

0 Mushroom Head 1 month ago

This post used to say something else now it says:


0 dr.1984 1 month ago

It really is amazing how much garbage in the top 100 coins with nothing but pumping behind it.

0 Demosthenes 1 month ago

I think the dumbest one (which is saying a lot) is cybermiles. You just know nobody is every going to use that. if something like that cape to pass it would be done by actual airlines with their own coins. They wouldn't go - hey lets use this coin that some unwashed weirdos in a former Soviet block country made in some toxic waste dump suburb and make these freaks rich instead of spending 10 minutes to make our own coin.

0 Jeff Hanneman 1 month ago

Finally a very green day today. Is that waht theat horrible teenie band is named after btw?

0 Demosthenes 1 month ago

Green Day is not horrible at all, in fact American Idiot is top the charts right now in the UK thanks to Trumps visist

0 Mushroom Head 1 month ago

I can’t get Tipestry to load right on my new iPhone.

0 Sean 1 month ago

Jesus, on days like this I almost feels bad for butters. Almost.

0 FullyAutomatedLuxuryUsername 1 month ago

Can someone tipping me some btc pls? It's not very valuable lol

0 <('-'<) 1 month ago

Seems like the market is holding steady about $250B.

0 Mushroom Head 1 month ago

Not for long

0 Mushroom Head 1 month ago

Is crypto ever going to be great again like it was last Fall? I’m starting to doubt it.

0 Locke 1 month ago

There's something called gifto in the top 100 now. What in the actual fuck is that

0 Gontleman 1 month ago

The uptick today was accompanies by high volume which is encouraging.

0 PonyLikeIts1999 1 month ago

I think I'm going to cash out while the getting it good.

0 <('-'<) 1 month ago

Does anyone know why Stellar is going crazy these last few days? That's around a billion dollars in market cap increase .

0 Sean 4 weeks ago

Peter Schiff who knows what he's talking about said on Joe Rogan than Bitcoin is inherently worthless.

0 Test Admin 4 weeks ago

It's kind of nice seeing some coins up and other down for once instead of all the same. The normally extremely high correlation is a sign of an unhealthy asset class.

0 dr.1984 3 weeks ago

I just noticed Monero is finally above that ridiculous nonsensecoin Dash.

0 Sean 3 weeks ago

They all 'nonsensecoin's I hate to break it to uyo

0 Sean 3 weeks ago

Looks like we're ending the month about where we started it.

0 AudreyHorne 2 weeks ago

goddam, what a way to end the month