August 2018 Cryptocurrency Thread

Author : Tipestry   2 weeks ago   doge 8 

Today is when thing start turning around.

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0 PonyLikeIts1999 2 weeks ago

I feel like EOS is headed to zero.

0 Sam Harris's Liver 2 weeks ago

It looks liek bitcoin is on its weay too.

0 PonyLikeIts1999 1 week ago

Nah, bitcoin will be around a while. Everything else other than Ethereum is up for debate could die any day however.

0 dr.1984 2 weeks ago

What happned to Bitcoin today??!

0 <('-'<) 1 week ago

At least we're back about 7k, thank the maker.

0 Bean 1 week ago

WTF are theese prices my god damn!

0 Psalm 5:3 1 week ago

I cant; believe we are knocking on 6k's door. Just doesn't seem real.

0 Tipestry 1 week ago

Come on now!

0 Pepe 1 week ago

Pepe's Ratio is up to about .3, what a time to be alive.

0 Sam Harris's Liver 5 days ago

What the fuck Ethereum.

At least that piece of shit EOS isn't top 5 any more.

0 Sam Harris's Liver 3 days ago

Pepe's ratio is 0.67 today.