Bitcoin holding steady about $7,000

Author: Lews Therin Telamon   8 months ago   btc 1.0E-5  doge 77 

$10k by end of year is looking very doable.

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0 Lews Therin Telamon 8 months ago

Been stuck in this range for about a week now.

0 Pepe 8 months ago

Doesn't look so steady now heh. Bitcoin Cash is better anyway.

0 Gontleman 6 months ago

It's a new paradigm, and everybody who doesn't buy, now, will be priced out forever. Anybody who does buy will be rewarded with a lifetime of riches, as their property will continue its 30% yearly price increase. Renters, and anybody born in a future generation, will not be able to afford a $15,000,000 starter home in 15 years. They will live in tent cities, and Hondas. This asset bubble is different than all of the others - it will never slow down, or pop. The gains are permanent.

0 Sean 6 months ago

Why do you keep bumped this stuff.

It will be back down to 7k soon enough.

0 EternityChicken 6 months ago

These price fluctuations are to be expcected. What's shocking to me is how fast Bitocin went from ~50% dominance only about a month ago down to where it's at today at about 33%.

0 Pepe 6 months ago

It's hard to believe we were at 20k like two weeks ago.

0 EternityChicken 2 months ago

We need to start noting the prices on these threads, maybe with a screenshot.

0 Gontleman 2 weeks ago

How do these super old threads keep getting bumped with no responses?