Crypto market predictions for this week?

Author: Tipestry   7 months ago  

I think after the frothiness of the last week in the wake of bitcoin futures, we have to see a pullback next week or two. I hope it's not to big though and doesn't last long but after a lot of new people get burned I fear it will.

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1 Pepe 7 months ago

I think we are heading for a correction but I don't know if that's because of any rational reason or because I sold last week and want back in.

1 Lews Therin Telamon 7 months ago doge 100 

It's going to crash hard tomorrow or Thursday and there will be much gnashing and wailing of teeth by people got it late due mostly to Fear Of Missing Out™.

0 <('-'<) 6 months ago

Damn dude...

0 <('-'<) 7 months ago

Bitcion just hit 20k

0 Gontleman 7 months ago

Does anyone know what implication end of year / taxes might have?

0 Dogetest 7 months ago

I predict Dogecoin is going to hit an all time high.

0 PonyLikeIts1999 7 months ago

I cashed out last week after the post-Thanksgiving normie run up and looking at the prices still going up makes me a sad panda.

0 Tipestry 6 months ago

Crash happened like many predicted but the tricky part of course is timing it.