I think it's a good time to buy

Author: Pepe   5 months ago   doge 100 

I am already all in in crypto but if I weren't I would say this is a good time to buy both BTC and ETH.

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1 Dogetest 3 months ago

Dogecoin is up more than 12% today.

0 Gontleman 5 months ago doge 10 

We gonna be $10k before president's day.

0 Dogetest 5 months ago

Dogecoin has held up remarkably well during this downturn.

0 EternityChicken 5 months ago

What was the price when you posted this Pepe?

I personally think, based on the morons on sites like plebbit, that we are heading for a downswing soon because of too much exuberance by dumb money. I think we get close to 12k this week then back down to 10k pretty quick. I plan on buying at around $9.8k.

0 EternityChicken 3 months ago

Well I was correct about the downturn but I was underestimated how severe it was going to be.

0 Lews Therin Telamon 4 months ago

I have a prediction - it's either going to shoot back up to around $15,000 this month, or it's going to drop back down to $8,000, or it's going to trade sideways for the next month.

0 EternityChicken 4 months ago

So you think it's either going to go up, down, or neither? =D

0 <('-'<) 4 months ago

I think right now is the time to buy familia.

0 <('-'<) 4 months ago

Mark my words if you buy eth right now you will be rewarded with a lifetime of riches and everyone who doesn't will live in tent cities.

0 Bob 4 months ago

Everyone is talking about Nana but the fact that everyone is talking about it makes it seem more like a marketing campaign than the real deal.

0 EternityChicken 3 months ago

Do you mean Nano?

0 IvanTheBoneless 3 months ago

Kindly tip me some bitcoin

0 PonyLikeIts1999 3 months ago

This market is so manipulated that if you aren't a whale you are just throwing your money away.

0 Cryptonator 3 months ago

BTC is right back to where it was when this thread started a month ago.

0 Demosthenes 3 months ago

I remember when dogecoin was over a penny.

0 feimier 3 months ago

Dogecoin will to da moon.

0 EternityChicken 3 months ago

This sudden price movement is pure manipulation. Be extremely careful people.

0 Pepe 3 months ago

Pantera Capital says last week was the bottom.