September 2018 Tipestry Feedback Thread

Author : Tipestry   2 weeks ago   ethtip 1 

Feedback thread. Please include your phone model and OS version for extra rewards.

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1 munir86 1 week ago
doge 50 

Min, there are still bugs to log on to the web using multiple accounts on one device, please repair it so it doesn't have a lot of fake accounts

0 Lhei Lopez 2 weeks ago
ethtipc 10 

Honestly, Tipestry brings a new level of discussion: sharing news, thoughts, ideas.

0 Baderun 1 week ago
doge 50 

can not want to use the account on the web and force close

0 Vlad Tkachuk 1 week ago


0 dani kurnia 1 week ago
doge 50 

how about our thread can be show on dashboard so we can check if there is activity on thread
or notification if another people like/commend our thread

for now notification only show if we get reward tips

0 arif 1 week ago
doge 50 

I use phone browser, on main page there's like double header and menu button. why don't you fix it and make it only one header and menu button. thank's. nice project, btw.

0 Tipestry 1 week ago

Can you please let me know your phone model or pm me on telegram if you don't wan to post it here?

0 byoubu56beta 1 week ago
doge 50 

This is very interesting as a new crypto use. Although there seems to be a plan for mobile products, it seems to be fun so I would like to know details as soon as possible.

0 Nuris 1 week ago

Usually i can website on sharing news hoax, but tipstry bringas a new level of sharing news

0 Rendysapta 1 week ago

How do you do

0 Nikhil Abrol 3 days ago
doge 50 

Tipestry website layout needs to be fixed. It can be made more interactive to attract more audience. I found there is a double menu bar that appears on the top right when it is opened on mobile.