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Is a platform that combines 2 E-Systems into one, namely
1. Cryptocurrency
2. E-Share

* Is babacoin real coin? *

Yes yes, babacoin is truly coin and can be transacted directly on the INTERNAL Market and EXTERNAL (

* What is the benefit of buying Babacoin? *

Babacoin has an extraordinary Roadmap with high coin price targets

The coin baba price is now 0.00007 sats or around 7,000 rupiah / coin

Minimum purchase of coins?
For internal market trading, buy at least 10 coins, but if below, use baba transfers between accounts

* Other benefits of buying babacoin? *

We can get passive income from the first babacoin system, BABACOIN
By contract
- 20 days 17.5%
- 36 days 41.5%
After the contract runs out, the Coin Capital will be returned and can be sold all to the existing market

* What about the SHARE system? *

BABASHARE has a unique system, for those who buy shares, they will get profit sharing from BABA SHARE GLOBALLY
Now it has been running in 5 major countries namely China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan and Indonesia

* What is the distribution of the results? *

The first Share Price is
1 $ / share
With QUOTA determined 5000 Share / Quota

QUOTA Will be purchased by Global Members

When each Quota runs out
Then the share will rise 0.01 dollar points

1 $ = 5000 share
1.01 $ = 5000 shares
1.02 $ = 5000 share
Up to you
2 $

EVERY QUOTA runs out, all members will get a profit share of 1% of the investment value

So if we join and buy shares, we have experienced 100 x quota runs, we get 100% of the profit sharing outside of our existing shares

Max share price is only up to 2 $

When the price reaches 2 $ then the share will automatically SPLIT (the price will be 1 $) and our share will be double

Example buy 1000 to 2000 shares and double profit.

* Share can be sold no? *
Yes, after OPEN Internal Share Market we can sell all of our shares at the specified price

* What is the future of sharing? *

1. Will be listed in PINK OTC MARKET 2020
2. Having a real Forex Broker project (like MT4)
3. Soon registered office in the USA
4. When sharing a listing on the OTC market, Share will become OFFICIALLY STOCK DIGITAL STOCK and can trade in the LEGAL Domain

* Illustration of purchase Share *
Example of buying 100 $
Share price of 1 $

Then it will get

Why ? Because Share allocation is 80% of the total capital distribution with prices

The profit?
Every quota runs out, it can be 1% of your 80 shares
This means that if 100 x increase in share is already 80% of the capital

If the Quota runs out
- 1 day 1 x = 0.8%
- 1 day 2 x = 1.6%
- 1 day 5 x = 4% / day
Amazing isn'222t it ??

Out of share capital which becomes double when Split
That is 80 shares to 160 shares

The profit
80% capital + 80 shares x 2
80 $ + 160 share = 240%


join NOW :
Marketing Plan :

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That's quite a handsome coin.

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haha on thread bitcointalk
babacoin is father of coin

nice project to get more profit with bababot,babashare,bababid,exchanger,webinari affiliate

Just a little deposite to make HUGE profit