Sherpa dies on Everest in cryptocurrency publicity stunt gone wrong

Author : Gontleman   3 months ago   doge 6 

"The climbers brought one of the Ledgers back down, and its $50,000 in tokens will be raffled off to whitelisted members, those who have pre-registered for the ICO."

I was expecting that to read that they $50k would be given to the Sherpa'222s family, but of course not. These people are genuine sociopaths and should be shunned forever for this evil shit.

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0 AudreyHorne 3 months ago
doge 2 

These fuckers should be in jail for this.

0 <('-'<) 3 months ago

Agreed. They will probably make millions off their shitcoin ICO instead though.

0 Pepe 3 months ago

Jesus Christ this is everything that is wrong with cryptocurrency.

0 FullyAutomatedLuxuryUsername 3 months ago

You know that this is just the natural result of capitalism, right?

0 anon 3 months ago

You know phrasing a sentence like that makes you sound literally retarded, right?

0 Dai 3 months ago


0 Lews Therin Telamon 3 months ago

Their callousness is infuriating. So much of the blockchain/cryptocurrency world is made up of genuine sociopaths and worse it's disturbing.

0 anon 3 months ago

BTW don't Sherpas die all the time on these hikes. It seems like blaming this company is like blaming Apple when people at Foxconn commit suicide at the same rates as the general population.

0 Bob 3 months ago

This would make a good screenplay where the shitcoiners make a lot of money but then they slowly go mad as the Sherpa's ghost haunts them.