I dreamed about Neuschwanstein last night

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I dreamed the bathrooms there were mixed sex which was very uncomfortable.

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0 dr.1984 2 months ago
ethtipc 1 

who cares!

0 AudreyHorne 2 months ago

Is the title of this post a reference to something I'm missing?

0 Locke 2 months ago

I can't say I'm overly interested in your dreams from last night

0 dr.1984 2 months ago

By the way the correct word is "dreamt"

0 AudreyHorne 2 months ago

Not in America sweatie

0 Tipestry 2 months ago


0 PonyLikeIts1999 2 months ago

On a scale of 1 to 10 I care maybe about a 3 or soft 4.

0 Psalm 5:3 2 months ago

Its seems like sharing info about your dreams to people who didn't specifically ask is some kind of sin, or at least it should be.

0 Test Admin 2 months ago


0 Gontleman 1 month ago

That's very special.