Crypto in 2018

Author: Tipestry   6 months ago   doge 18 

Ether just hit an all time high first day of 2018. Hopefully that is a good omen for the rest of the year..

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1 PonyLikeIts1999 6 months ago

Ether will keep going up. It's the only widely-adp[ted crypto with a real use (ICOs).

0 Tipestry 6 months ago

Just hit $900.

0 Zhang Daqian 6 months ago

It's going to breach $1,000 tomorrow. After that I think it won't stop until it's in the thirteen hundreds.

0 Pepe 6 months ago

I am thinking of cashing out most of my ETH and getting in BCH. The fees for BTC show no sign of going down and the price of BCH is only about 20% of BTC despite being more usable. If adoption picks up I could see a flippening scenario.

0 Locke 6 months ago

Trump will do what is bet for the economy which means probablyu regulating BitCoin. My grandsom agrees.

0 Bob 6 months ago

Your fuck stock is ass prone, nutcocker.

0 dr.1984 6 months ago

I've seen tons of coins that supposedly have to do with gaming but I haven't seen a single real game yet that had anything to do with cryptocurrency.

0 Dogetest 6 months ago

Doge going to hit 2 pennies, so when people refer to doge they can say 'my two cents'

0 <('-'<) 6 months ago

I'm betting more and more on coins like Monero that are about privacy becaues it's rapidly disappearing from this world.

0 Tim 2 weeks ago

Good to know

0 Mushroom Head 1 week ago

:-) ALL