Back above $9,000

Author: PonyLikeIts1999   2 months ago   doge 22 

Oh frabjous day!

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3 Gontleman 2 months ago doge 10 

WTF is going on with EOS?

0 Locke 2 months ago

They are closing in on Bitcoin Cash which is insane. This thing is definitely a bubble. Also interesting is that litecoin dropped another spot to Cardano. Litecoin is pure dogshit I hope it goes to zero.

0 Dai 2 months ago doge 3 

Litecoin is great, your ass stock is cock prone

0 <('-'<) 2 months ago

This is classic buy on the rumor sells the news combined with FOMO on the next Ethereum.

0 <('-'<) 2 months ago

I'm pretty excited to see what happens when it launches in a couple weeks.

0 Zhang Daqian 1 month ago

Ethereum is going to zero with EOS taking over.

2 FullyAutomatedLuxuryUsername 2 months ago

Can someone tip me some bitcoin please.

1 Sean 2 months ago

not for long lol

0 Pepe 2 months ago

gonna be $10,000 by next week beeotch

0 EternityChicken 2 months ago

My reading of the tea leafs makes me think we aren't staying over 10k any time soon.

1 Pepe 2 months ago

Does anyone else find it super fucking annoying how the 24h volume is basically meaningless since it never restarts??

0 Locke 2 months ago

I hate that shit it drives me crazy. Too many people in this industry are autists with no mind for the user or even good taste and human decency.

0 Lews Therin Telamon 2 months ago

I predict 15k by next Friday.

0 anon 2 months ago


0 Gontleman 2 months ago

I feel like the failure to pass $10,000 is a bad sign.

0 Lews Therin Telamon 2 months ago

I predict a downturn this week! You always know when we're heading down because the morons on places like reddit start braying like sheep about a bull run coming soon.

0 AudreyHorne 2 months ago

The problem with bitcoin is that it's unfairly mostly owned by men and women are left out.

0 Pepe 2 months ago

Ether back down to $700. Really a bummer.

0 Sean 2 months ago

doesn't seem to be Back above $9,000 any more

0 Bob 2 months ago

We are heading to 10,000 before June market my words.

0 Mushroom Head 1 month ago

So much for a bull run.

0 IvanTheBoneless 1 month ago

Jesus Ether is back below $600.