What is depression and why is it rising?

Author : anon   4 months ago   doge 4 

I personally think the answer to rising depression is not what this article talks about, but rather what Sebastian Junger talks about in Tribe - namely that we are living in a society where community bonds are being replaced by technology and those bonds are one of the core pillars of human well-being.

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0 anon 4 months ago

I just read that suicide is up 30% recently. Something is definitely going on with society in general, and you have retards like Steven Pinker going around for some reason trying to paint a picture that everything is fine.

0 <('-'<) 4 months ago

Pinker is not retarded, far from it. So when someone of his obvious intellectual caliber pushes a narrative that IS retarded, you have to question his motives.

0 Lews Therin Telamon 4 months ago
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Depression is looking at coinmarketcap every day this month.

0 Bob 4 months ago


why can't you tip 1 dogecoin on this site?

0 AudreyHorne 4 months ago

I'm depressed that Drumpf is stating trade wars with the entire world.